Tanya Sydney, Minnesota Mother, Banned From School And Bus Stop For Confronting Son's Bullies

A Minnesota mother has been banned from her child's school and bus stop for defending her son against bullies, WCCO-TV reports.

After her 10-year-old son Sovante Griffin complained about taking hits from boys on his school bus, Tanya Sydney confronted the bus driver, who told her he couldn't 'be in 50 million places at once,' according to WCCO-TV. That's when Sydney took care of the situation herself -- by yelling at the two boys Griffin said were the bullying perpetrators.

Sydney then walked Griffin to school, and Griffin and the bullies later apologized to each other. But Sydney received a letter from Griffin's school principals telling her to stay away from the bus stop and school property for the remainder of the academic year. She has filed an appeal, but says she doesn't regret what she did.

Sydney's banishment comes after a series of parent-involved school bullying incidents across the country.

Last September, Florida dad James Jones did something similar -- he charged onto a school bus and threatened his 13-year-old daughter's bullies. He was fined and did community service as penance, but told the Today show last month that he would do it again.

More recently, a Long Island mother was arrested last week for allegedly provoking two girls into a schoolyard fight. And a similar situation in August involved a Michigan mother and father who encouraged their son to fight a bully -- but the school crossing guard was the one who got caught up in the altercation.

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