TAO Park City to Celebrate it's 10th Anniversary at Film Festival

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<p>Becca Tilley - TAO Park City</p>

Becca Tilley - TAO Park City

Returning for the 10th year to Utah, TAO Park City will draw Hollywood’s elite film makers and stars for one of the most exclusive parties of the Sundance Film Festival.

<p>John Legend - TAO Park City</p>

John Legend - TAO Park City

With its venue at the Yard, guests who make it past the strict lines through the door will be greeted by flashing neon lights and appearances from world class DJs and celebrities.

<p>Kaitlynn & Brody - TAO Park City</p>

Kaitlynn & Brody - TAO Park City

Presented by Tequila Don Julio for another year, this three-day popup has included DJ sets like Mel DeBarge, the Deux Twins, Vice and DJ Politik in the past. The idea behind this nightclub is that attendees and celebrities at Sundance don’t want to stop enjoying the experience at 11 p.m.

<p>Chelsea Handler - TAO Park City</p>

Chelsea Handler - TAO Park City

They still want to party, to dance, and to be surrounded by the stars that make Sundance an exclusive and iconic event every year. The swag bags and extra amenities like Tinder’s heated outdoor lounge add to the atmosphere of the party and provide a retreat from the often-cold weather. A premier nightclub experience, TAO Park City is something that can’t be missed at Sundance 2018.

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