You've Probably Been Using A Tape Measure All Wrong

There's a MUCH more accurate way to use it.

Tape measures are awkward. We've always wondered how to get an actually accurate measurement, while dealing with the tape measure's clunky body and flimsy ruler.

But hark! There IS a way to get a perfect measurement ... or rather two of them, as See Jane Drill explains in a YouTube video from earlier this year.

First, know that your tape measure's first inch is actually 1/16th of a inch short, to account for the thickness of the metal hook:

So when measuring something on an edge, pull the tape measure taut in order to get a perfect one-inch measurement. See?

Second, you should know that your tape measure tells you the length of its base. It's written right on the base itself -- this one is 3 inches long, or about 76 millimeters:

This is helpful because instead of awkwardly bending your tape measure inside a window frame, you can use the base as part of the measurement. Simply stand it on the bottom of the window frame, extend the tape upward, and add the length of the base to the measurement you get:

But that's not all. See Jane Drill lays out the rest of her tricks in her YouTube video below. Happy DIY-ing!

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