Tapping Into Productivity

I recently delivered a presentation called "Manifest Your Purpose through Productivity" for Powerful Women International in Houston, Texas. The title of the presentation and, more importantly, the promise that it held, brought people to the event in the face of illness and long distances to travel, and even attracted an "innocent bystander" who happened to see the opening slide projected in the meeting room and asked if she could join the audience.

I felt the positive vibration in the room as I presented my talk. I attribute this to the fact that for the first time, I included content about the "inner game" of productivity -- that which depends on self worth and self confidence. I was inspired to talk about this aspect of productivity because of the work that I've done with business coach Pamela Bruner. I recently completed her Get Real Business Quick Start course and am now a member of her Transformational Business Club. Her teachings and philosophy are crystallized in the book that she co-authored with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul -- it's called Tapping Into Ultimate Success: How to Overcome Any Obstacle and Skyrocket Your Results.

If you've ever experienced overwhelm -- frustration, stress, or anxiety -- due to feelings of uncertainty about being capable of achieving your goals or worthy of the results of that achievement, then Tapping into Ultimate Success is a must-read for you. The word "tapping" is used literally here as opposed to metaphorically because it refers to an emotional freedom technique (EFT) that requires physical tapping on several of the body's meridian points while expressing your limiting beliefs or feelings of fear or discomfort and reframing them to release yourself from their power.

Bruner and Canfield have written nine chapters that explain several tapping techinques and provide case studies illustrating their successful use. They couple the techniques with "success principles" from a book with the same name that Canfield co-authored with speaker and small business strategist Janet Switzer. They also explain how you might resist implementing these principles and show how you can use tapping to clear this resistance. I have not found any other reference that explains the technique so clearly and thoroughly.

The chapters in
Tapping into Ultimate Success
include the following:
  • A New Technique for Creating Success
  • Removing Fears
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Accelerating Success: Tapping for Action and Results
  • Creating New Habits for Success: Tapping to Make Life Easier

The book is accompanied by a DVD that shows individuals utilizing the techniques explained in it so that you can see tapping in action. The authors have also created a workbook that you can use as you progress through the chapters. You can download this at www.tappingintoultimatesuccess.com.

I was introduced to tapping and to Pamela about a year ago during an online telesummit and have spent some time learning about the technique and how it has contributed to Pamela's success story - she went from working with a single coaching client at $275 a month to creating a 7-figure business in less than 3 years! I have used tapping successfully to deal with several limiting beliefs and fears and am a firm believer in the value of using the technique. On July 9, 2013, I was pleased to introduce her personally to my online community in a teleclass called "Transforming Your Productivity through Tapping."

Because of the impact that tapping can have on productivity, I am incorporating it into my business model. I am beginning by recommending this book!

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