Tara Reid, Not As Famous As She Thinks: Actress Reportedly Threw A Fit After Being Denied A Celebrity Discount

What Got Tara Reid Kicked Out Of A Clothing Store

Oh, stardom. Such a fickle state of affairs.

Actress and perpetual party-girl Tara Reid reportedly experienced the downside of fame last week when she tried to claim a celebrity discount at an All Saints store in Los Angeles and, much to her dismay, got turned down.

According to New York Post's Page Six, the "American Pie" actress went in looking for an outfit for Coachella, when she asked that the clerks take her stardom into consideration. "When the store declined, Reid insisted she deserved the break 'because of her fame,'” an eyewitness told the Post. "She then 'began to scream at them and was escorted out.'"

Though Reid's publicist did not return Huffington Post's request for comment, a rep on her behalf told Page Six that "Tara gets a huge discount with All Saints in the UK and Paris" and thus requested one in the U.S. store as well. When her request was denied, she "asked them to check again." At the end, she left empty-handed.

On a professional note, Reid, 37, is set to play in a new movie about a shark-riddled, man-eating tornado called "Sharknado" alongside "Beverly Hills 90210" star Ian Ziering.

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