Tara Reid Rambles Incoherently About Sharks On 'Shark After Dark' (VIDEO)

Tara Reid Rambles Incoherently

Have you ever wanted a lesson in marine biology from a learned celebrity? Well, this isn't going to be it.

At one point in the show, Reid announced that she had done some prior research because she didn't want to sound "stupid," before launching into some utterly incoherent rambling on sharks:

"So I look up sharks on the Internet and I see whale sharks. And I'm like it must mean a whale and a shark had sex. And then I think, well how does a whale and shark have sex? ... Because whales are mammals, and sharks are animals. They have nothing to do with each other," Reid explained as Ziering and the show's host Josh Wolf didn't bother to hold back their smirks, followed by sheer mockery.

"So basically, the dolphins have sex with each other, but the sharks don't. So I thought, then how is it such a thing? But the difference is that a whale shark is the biggest shark in the ocean. He’s also scary, and then you have the great white, who’s also scary. There are over 400 kinds of sharks but the whale shark is kind of interesting because he’s so mean -- he’s like a killer."

We're not even going to bother explaining everything that's wrong with what Reid just said, but we'd like to suggest that someone think about giving Reid her own show in which she gives a five-minute oral presentation consisting solely of what she learned reading Wikipedia. We're calling it "Tarapedia" -- not to be confused with "Taradise."

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