Taran Killam Calls Trump's 'Saturday Night Live' Episode 'Shameful'

"It was not enjoyable at the time and something that only grows more embarrassing," the former "SNL" cast member said.

Taran Killam thinks Donald Trump’s “Saturday Night Live” episode was a yuge mistake.

Since his departure from the show, Killam has been pretty open about his displeasure with the highly protested Donald Trump–hosted episode that took place in 2015, during Killam’s final season on the show. The actor and comedian previously told Brooklyn magazine that it wasn’t enjoyable. Now, he’s calling it downright embarrassing.

While making rounds for his new movie, “Killing Gunther,” Killam recalled the experience with NPR’s “It’s Been a Minute.”

We could hear the protests during our table read. As we’re reading 40 mediocre sketches, we just hear, “No Trump! Donald Trump!” ... I am embarrassed, upon reflection, just because of how everyone was right. Every person outside of that building protesting was absolutely right.

He continued, saying the episode “only grows more embarrassing and shameful as time goes on” and, though he doesn’t believe the episode got the president elected, it could’ve played a part in normalizing Trump.

The then-presidential candidate was the only White House contender to host an episode of “SNL,” though Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders made cameo appearances.

On the topic of “SNL” being the “voice of opposition” to the president, the actor said, “It certainly feels like there’s some hypocrisy there.”

“I think the show tries to — and in particular, Lorne’s outlook is — play to both sides,” Killam said. “Play to the masses, play to whatever the popular opinion is. But, boy, they could definitely mine some comedy out of owning up to it, huh?” 

Since “SNL” ramped up its Trump takedowns in Season 42 with the help of Alec Baldwin’s impression of the Donald, the show soared to its best ratings in more than 2 decades, according to NBC.  

However, Baldwin himself has expressed concerns over the president’s portrayal.

While talking with Senator Bernie Sanders on his podcast, “Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin,” the actor questioned whether the comedy show was making the president “too cuddly” and “taking people’s mind off something really more serious.”

But what are Baldwin and Killam’s concerns compared to ratings?



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