'Awesomes' Star Taran Killam Reveals Superhero Secrets You Probably Didn't Want To Know

Oooh, Killam.

Sorry, Hawkeye, but Taran Killam has had enough of your BS -- aka your bow string.

Killam is pretty much allowed to say what he wants about superheroes since he voices one called Frantic in Hulu's "The Awesomes." For the premiere of Season 3, the Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker co-created show partnered with Microsoft in support of their Upgrade Your World campaign, which encourages people to make small changes to better the world and also gives huge grants to nonprofits. 

The Huffington Post caught up with Killam at the premiere to learn superhero secrets from the show, talk about the campaign and get his thoughts on which superheroes might be a little overrated.

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If you were in Walmart and walked by other superheroes, what's one you'd stop and say hi to, and one you'd just walk by?

Assuming I’m a superhero that hangs out in a Walmart with other Walmart superheroes?

Yeah, everybody has to get their stuff.

I think you always pay respect to Superman because he’s indestructible, and I think any of the bow-and-arrow superheroes you maybe shoulder-brush and walk by.


Listen, everybody loves accuracy. It’s so great when it comes to Wii Bowling, but as a superpower, I think we can dismiss it. Good hand-eye coordination? What South Korean video gamer doesn’t have that?

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What's it like having super speed powers?

Speedster is not bad at all because you have no excuse to be lazy. Like, if you can get places fast, that’s the best. That's what everybody wants. Everybody wants things faster. That’s Amazon’s model. Or Alibaba's. It’s international. Just saying. It’s a money-making endeavor.

Are you a fan of Flash?

I like Flash. I like Quicksilver. It’s such a tricky superpower because there are varying degrees. Like, he just runs fast, but then there are people that can vibrate their molecules so quickly that they can travel through solid matter. So it’s like limited speedster power, but its something to contend with. Hey, everybody loves Usain Bolt.

Except for Segways.

Except for Segways [laughs].


What's one thing people might not know about being a superhero?

The laundry service and upkeep of uniforms is the biggest pain.


Just think about how much you sweat in your normal clothes, and imagine fighting crime on a global scale in spandex that leave nothing up to the imagination. Trust me. You do not want to have any red wine or spaghetti sauce while wearing a superhero costume. It is such a hassle.

Is it just the dry cleaning? 

No, types of molecules that can withstand heavy impact and the wear-and-tear that comes with flying into the stratosphere and running across water. These aren’t like, polyester, wool, mesh fabric. These are like state-of-the-art, not-made-in-real-life (because superheroes aren’t a real-life thing) types of fabrics. So Hung Dry Cleaners in the Lower East Village is the only place to bring a superhero outfit.

Your wife is in "Avengers." You're in "The Awesomes." Have you discussed this?

She’s crazy jealous. She’s always getting scripts from Joss Whedon and being like, "What the f? This isn’t Meyers/Shoemaker quality!"

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What's your Kryptonite?

What's my favorite 3 Doors Down song?

Yeah, what's your Kryptonite and favorite 3 Doors Down song?

[Laughs] 3 Doors Down is my Kryptonite. Anything after 3 Doors Down's "Kryptonite" is my Kryptonite.

What are your thoughts on the #UpgradeYourWorldUSA campaign?

I think that any organization that’s wiling to give $50,000 to charity is probably not that bad of a thing. I fully endorse giving money to charity. I wanna go on the record as saying I’m all about giving money to charity, and I don’t care whose feathers that ruffles. I am PRO giving money to charity.

Sorry, Donald Trump. You're no longer the most controversial person in media. Taran Killam is PRO giving money to charity.  

Killam teaching HuffPost how to pose like a superhero. #OohKillam Image: #UpgradeYourWorldUSA

#Upgrade Your World asks consumers to share their story of how they’re upgrading their world in small ways and asks consumers to choose nonprofits to win Microsoft grants. Find more info here.

"The Awesomes" Season 3 is streaming on Hulu.


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