Tard The Grumpy Cat Never Smiles (VIDEO)

Grumpy Cat Breaks The Internet With Its Adorable, Adorable Grouchiness

We all have bad days -- the kind of days when you think, "I may never, ever smile again." On days like those, some people may take solace in the fact that they, at least, are not Tard, possibly the grumpiest cat the Internet has ever known.

Tard's eternal unhappiness has been cataloged in a series of YouTube videos that show the cream and brown feline walking around a carpeted room, lying on a blanket and having its belly scratched, all while maintaining a determined scowl that would make McKayla Maroney proud.

But why is Tard so grumpy?

Could it be the name? (After all, "Tard" is not the most melodious moniker ever created.)

Could it be genetics? (Buzzfeed recently published a picture of a cat the site claims is Tard's mom. If this is true, perhaps the sourpuss attitude just runs in the family.)

Or could it be the cat's dissatisfaction with leading a simple life? (Sorry, Tard. As Kim Kardashian's cat, Mercy, proved earlier this week, money can't buy you happiness either.)

The root of Tard's eternal scowl may be undetermined, but in some videos of grumpy cats, the cause of disapproval is quite clear.

After all, how would you feel if a quail jumped on your head, or if a pesky gibbon just would not stop biting your tail? (Honestly. Some gibbons have no manners whatsoever.)

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