Mom Gives School Hilariously Honest Excuse For Daughter's Tardiness

She was nothing but candid.

Honesty was the best policy for this parent.

Instead of trying to conjure up a believable excuse as to why her daughter was late for school Thursday, the mother just came clean.

Bad parenting,” she hilariously wrote on the tardy sign in sheet at 8:48 a.m. ― some 18 minutes after class began.

Reddit user Colieoh claims a friend penned the amusing explanation following her child’s late arrival.

They posted a photograph of the sheet online, and it’s now going viral. Not much else is known about the note. It’s unclear exactly where it was written, why the woman was really running late, or even if it’s genuine.

It has, however, prompted other Redditors to reminisce about times they were similarly late for class or work:

Maybe we’ll see some of these excuses popping up in the future:

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