Tareq Salahi Blames Bravo For White House Snafu

Tareq Salahi: 'Bravo Could Have Cleared Our Names'

Tareq Sahahi is still talking about what went down the night he and his estranged wife, Michaele Salahi, "crashed" a White House state dinner. However, this time he's saying Bravo told him to keep quiet about what really happened and even refused to release evidence that would have proved the couple's innocence.

"We were told to keep quiet about that by everyone and heavily by Bravo," Tareq tells me. "They had a film permit to film the Salahis in the White House. It was approved. They knew -- they had the alibi tape the whole time. And they didn't show it. They could have cleared our name that next day if they had showed that."

Instead, Tareq insists the network held onto the tape for a year and he points out they were announced as they entered the private function, proving they didn't sneak in.

"We kept going back to the network asking why they wouldn't let us see the videotape or let our clients get their names cleared. But you know what? That's television. I think we just had to understand this is the way it was. It was our first time being in a big production," Tareq told me.

Ultimately, no matter who was behind the stunt, it backfired when "Real Housewives of D.C." became the first franchise of the hit franchise to get cancelled. Miami, at one point thought to be cancelled, is now in production again.

"Well, I can tell you, four of the women didn't want to work with Michaele," explains Tareq. "It was a combo of things. She would always say, 'They don't like me because of the White House thing and now I am a breakout star.' ... There is a lot of pressure and you have to perform."

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