Tareq Salahi Serves Michaele Salahi, Neal Schon With $50 Million Lawsuit

Tareq Salahi's $50 Million Valentine's Gift For Michaele

Michaele Salahi and her boyfriend, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, intended to spend a romantic Valentine's Day together in New York, celebrating the band's new "Resonate" video, which features the happy couple. Instead, they are spending the day dealing with a $50 million lawsuit from Michaele's ex-husband, Tareq Salahi.

"Never a dull moment," Neal tells me. "You can try to do whatever you want to do, but you can't take away the love that I have for Michaele. We are going to be together in New York City on Valentine's Day, loving the city and being in love with each other."

The couple believes that Tareq waited until Valentine's Day to serve Michaele, Neal and Journey with the lawsuit -- which alleges that she left him for Neal and embarrassed him in the process -- in an attempt to sabotage their day of romance. Tomorrow, the couple is scheduled to sit down with Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show for a new tell-all interview.

"I will never forgive Michaele or Neal for doing this to me," Tareq told me last month, making it clear he wanted revenge.

Check out Journey's "Resonate" video below:

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