Target Ads Have Been Selling Holiday Style Since The 1960s -- Cue The Nostalgia

Those of us who worship at the hallowed gates of Target lust after the store's trendy clothes and cute home decor. But Target has been around long before the designer collaboration days -- in fact, Target was founded in 1962 as a discount version of the store Dayton's.

Which means those cheery holiday ads for the latest styles have been around for five decades. So Target's blog, A Bullseye View, dove into their internal archives to pull up some of the most retro vintage ads.

Cue the holiday nostalgia.

1963: Seamless nylons for all the ladies.

target 1971

1970: The only thing better than a sweater? A sweater vest.

target ad

1972: Any fashionable guy knows it's all about the wide, loudly-printed tie.

target 1972

1975: More sweaters... and leisure suits.

target 1975

1990: Sweater vests are back!

target 1993

And then there were these...

Sexist Vintage Ads

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