This Colorful Glassware From Target Will Brighten Up Anything You're Drinking

There’s really no reason to drink from an unattractive cup.
Pink stemless wineglasses from Target
Pink stemless wineglasses from Target

Even if you’re not a habitual dinner party host, even if you don’t have an extensive home bar setup or even if seltzer is the fanciest beverage you consume, there’s really no reason to drink from an unattractive cup. And it’s not just about mere aesthetics — fancy drinkware doesn’t just look nice (on the shelf and on the table), sipping from something special honestly makes drinking anything more enjoyable.

Let’s be clear: When we say “special,” we mean anything-but-basic. In other words, why use a standard wine glass when you could be sipping from a pink stemless one? And while you should definitely keep your aesthetic standards high, you’d be wise to also keep your cost-per-cup as low as possible.

One of the best places to do that: Target. The trusted choice for attractive and cost-effective home goods also stocks an extensive collection of truly special drinkware that only looks expensive. Below, our picks for ways to up your beverage serving game with glasses that you won’t be afraid to actually use.

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A stemless wineglasses available in a bunch of muted colors
Stemless is already the less-boring way to go when it comes to wine glasses, but adding some color really ups the ante. These come in a dusty blue, a medium gray, a muted teal, and a pale pink, and they’re sold individually so you can customize your set according to the color and number of your choosing. They’re also just $7 each, so you won’t think twice if (or when) you need to replace one (or two).
A ribbed glass mug that feels Art Deco
If you’re a hot chocolate (or hot toddy) drinker, or you’re even if you’re interested in elevating your morning coffee experience, these glass mugs are an excellent choice. They have an appealing Art Deco vibe, and the amber colored option feels particularly conducive to a warm cup of pretty much anything. (They also come in black and clear, pictured here.)
Fluted glasses that give off French bistro vibes
They’re billed as juice glasses, but there’s really no reason to relegate these little guys to the breakfast table. We actually think they’re especially well-sized to serve something on the rocks. The fluted design is reminiscent of the classic Duralex Picardie glasses, and the tasteful colors (light green and blush) paired with the price ($3.99 each) make them a true no-brainer.
An ultra-simple highball glass with an unexpected tint
For a tablescape that looks elegant but not predictable, try these sleek, smoke-colored glasses tumblers. You can get them in the 11.5-ounce size pictured here, or in a taller 15-ounce capacity, and they’re intended for use with cold beverages. (They also come in a full set of 12 pieces.)
Sculptural tumblers that come in four colors
The unique shape, substantial size, and attractive color options (the same blue, gray, teal, and pink as our stemless wine glass pick above) of these glasses make them a fun option for everything from tap water to a tequila sunrise. And if you really want to build a collection, they also come in a half-size version.
A set of four “romantic” drinking tumblers
These sturdy, florid tumblers are available in a set of four and come in vernal colors like light green, pale pink and blue. (You can get the stemmed versions of these glasses here.)

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