The Target Home Decor Line You Probably Didn't Know Was From Joanna Gaines

I realize this sounds dramatic, but Hearth & Hand soothes the soul.

There have been moments when I’ve looked at a bare corner of my living room and thought, What would Joanna do? I am mildly embarrassed by how deeply my loyalty to Joanna Gaines runs ... but I can’t help it. Her design style is aspirational yet attainable, which means that I often find myself drooling over her in-house Target lines.

Now if you weren’t privy to this information before reading this article, buckle up because far too few people know this: Target’s in-house Hearth & Hand brand is also a Joanna Gaines collab. And we’ve curated our favorite picks from the line below.

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A duvet and sham set
If coastal cottage is the vibe you're going for this spring, this duvet and sham set delivers just that. The cotton fabric is ultra soft and, more importantly, is machine-washable, plus the simple design can make even the messiest of bedrooms look crisp.
A zest soy cement candle
If you're looking for a fresh scent to fill your kitchen, this citrus candle (which has a burn time of up to 20 hours) is perfection. Soy is poured into a cement votive which also doubles as decor to proudly sit atop your counter.
A tiny woven storage basket
You may want to add this basket to your cart if you have limited medicine cabinet space. It can hold the likes of cotton rounds and swabs in plain sight thanks to its adorable design, which takes away the eye sore quality of your daily essentials. No offense to said essentials.
A speckled paddle serving board
This stoneware paddle board is two-fold — you can use it for both cutting and displaying a fancy charcuterie board. The durable design means it'll last for quite a while, plus it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe.
A wood cookbook holder
Whipping up new recipes is difficult baseline, but trying to flip a physical page or swipe next on a digital screen with grease coating your fingers? Disastrous. This wooden cookbook (or iPad!) holder will looks chic in your kitchen while offering the convenience of pages held in place.
A two-sided vanity mirror
This two-sided vanity mirror is great for keeping your favorite essentials in one neat, tidy place. It also has a magnified side which is ultra convenient for precise makeup application or touching up your eyebrows.
An indoor *and* outdoor floor cushion
Warm weather season is quickly approaching and, if you have limited outdoor space or no intentions of filling out your backyard with patio furniture any time soon, let me introduce you to this cushioned floor pillow. It's great for indoor and outdoor use and feels just as comfortable as it looks.
A stoneware mug
One can never have too many mugs and this stoneware option is truly a beaut. It's dishwasher- and microwave-safe, holds up to 10 ounces of caffeine, and the neutral color makes even the messiest kitchen table look chic.
A kids market cart
Trying to find a more hands-on, screen-free activity for the kids to play with? This adorable market cart is equipped with multiple drawers, a blackboard front and a striped awning to ensure their lemonade business turns into a full-blown success.
A measuring cup set
Listen closely: Eyeballing ingredients never works. This four-piece measuring cup set is made from a durable stainless steel, is dishwasher-safe, and they stack on top of one another which means they also take up minimal storage space.

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