13 Useful Target Products To Make Homework (Kind Of) Fun

The first step to achieving school success is having the right supplies — and this list has you covered.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seven or 17 — homework pretty much always sucks. But something that can make it somewhat bearable is having a dedicated space that motivates you and keeps you organized.

Before this school year starts, help your child customize their own personal homework area, complete with the supplies they need (like notebooks and pencils) and decorative items that are as functional as they are cute — like a corkboard where they can pin up photos of friends and important notes.

Not sure where to start? You know Target has your back. Consider this list of must-haves an unofficial school-supply list. Homework help is just a few add-to-cart clicks away.

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A dry-erase board with a calendar and to-do list
A calendar dry erase board is a lifesaver for keeping track of your family’s schedule. It serves as one central place to log the dates of field trips and after-school activities. The cork board backing makes it easy to keep track of important notes — no more forgotten permission slips!
A creative cork board
This decorative cork board can serve as a place to keep important papers but also a way for your child to get creative, pinning up their favorite quotes, photos and pictures of things that make them happy. At a generous 3 feet in length, it’s both functional and fun.
A stylish desk and chair set
Perfect for kids ages five and up, this desk has a corkboard back so your child can pin up cheat sheets, teacher’s notes, and work that they’re proud of. They’ll have fun customizing the upper shelf with accessories and gewgaws. The desk also comes with two open compartments, which are perfect for stashing notebooks and books.
A set of colorblocked notebooks
These tonal notebooks will help your child focus on the big picture and plan the week ahead in high style — and whatever is on the weekend schedule will give your studious kiddo something to look forward to. This set includes a pretty 8-inch wide weekly planner and a smaller, color-coded to-do list that measures 4 inches in width.
A minty LED task lamp
Sometimes, you need a little extra light to see those math problems. The bendable neck on this lamp will let your child shine the bright LED light exactly where they require some illumination. The base of the lamp doubles as an organizer, the perfect place to stash sticky notes, erasers and even a phone.
A pearlescent pencil holder
This luminous pencil cup will add a bit of shine to your child’s workspace. And don’t worry: Even though it looks like a precious object, it’s actually plastic, so it can withstand some banging around.
A bright desk organizer
Unless you want erasers, highlighters and paperclips to end up all over the house, it’s worth it to get a desk organizer for your kid’s homework area — and a color like this teal hue is sure to brighten up the homework zone.
A clip-on right light
Let’s hope the days of virtual learning are behind us — but if remote schooling ever becomes the norm again, having a ring light is key so that your child’s teacher and classmates can see their cute face. While you may buy it for school, don’t be surprised if your kids use it to light their perfect selfies.
An affordable Chromebook
If your child requires a computer to do their homework, it may be worth it to consider getting them their own. Acer’s Chromebook is one of the most affordable laptops on the market and can also be used for virtual learning, if needed.
Colorful pencils
This pack of 24 pencils comes pre-sharpened and ready to use. You have to admit, these bright colors are way cooler than the standard yellow.
Seriously cool headphones
Whether they prefer to listen to music while working out math problems or need to stay focused during virtual learning, headphones will keep the sound coming from your child’s homework area contained — key if you’re doing your own work nearby.
A convertible study table
This is a great starter desk for young kids. It’s adjustable, so you can customize the height as your child grows. The desktop has plenty of room for school books and papers, a dedicated backpack hook and an LED light with three brightness settings. Your little learner will feel like such a big kid with such a tricked-out desk.

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