Target Has Some Of The Cheapest Linen Sheets — And Reviewers Are Buying Multiples

These are some of the most affordable linen sheets on the entire internet, at a time when linen prices are dramatically rising.
The Target Casaluna sheets come in sizes full through California king and five colors.
The Target Casaluna sheets come in sizes full through California king and five colors.

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Linen is one of life’s little bedding luxuries. It’s delightfully rumpled, looks instantly lived-in, is supremely comfortable and perfect for year-round sleeping, thanks to its temperature-regulating abilities. But it’s also so dang expensive. We only have to scan the product offerings from luxury bedding brands like Brooklinen or the Citizenry to see that some of the most popular linen sheet sets on the market sell for over $500.

Luckily, a much more affordable look-alike set is lurking on the shelves of none other than your local Target.

Starting off at just $139 for a set — which includes two pillowcases, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet —these sheets are made by Casaluna, the retailer’s in-house bedding brand. And similar to their pricier competitors, they are constructed from 100% natural linen that’s already been washed to a ready-for-sleep softness.

Target also claims that these breathable and effortless sheets will only get softer over time and that, in addition to their sustainable manufacturing, the fabric is accordance with OEKO-TEX guidelines for materials that are produced free from harmful substances or dyes.

This set is made from 100% natural linen that's been washed to softness.
This set is made from 100% natural linen that's been washed to softness.

These machine-washable sheets come in five neutral color options like dark gray and sage green and are available in sizes full through California king, but keep in mind that, until Target restocks, not all colors are available in all sizes.

While spending over $100 at Target can feel like a major splurge, Lizzie Harper, founder of bedding and home goods brand Lovelyskybed, acknowledged that the retailer’s sheets come in at “a pretty good price point” for a fabric that’s often expensive. (According to J.McLaughlin menswear designer Hannah LaCava, the price of linen has increased a whopping 60% in the past year.) We did some market digging to corroborate this and, aside from one retailer that’s offering a limited time sale on what appears to be a discontinued item, Target is offering some of the lowest prices on 100% linen bedding of any brand.

And if you noticed (like we did) a number of reviews that complain about the sheets thinning and ripping after a few years of use, know that there are a few things to keep in mind regarding the proper care of linen.

Harper explained that linen different from cotton — it’s more brittle and the fibers are prone to breaking. “I’m not that surprised that you’re getting a hole within two years if you’re washing and machine drying them,” Harper said.

Therefore, the way you care for your linen sheets can have an impact on their longevity. Reviewers concur:

“These sheets are amazing, but you cannot care for them like you do cotton sheets or it will weaken the fabric!! Wash on delicate/cool and tumble dry low only until just dry. They will last you years if you do these things. I love them,” one reviewer wrote.

You might also benefit from using lint-catching dryer balls since linen is a naturally lint-producing fabric.

If you’re convinced that linen is the bedding for you and were about to spend a small fortune from a more luxury brand, Casaluna might be a good alternative, (faults and all) since they’re much less of a costly gamble.

It’s also true that Target’s stock is dwindling, so it might be a good idea to snag a set now before it’s too late. Or, you keep reading to peruse the words of happy Casaluna sheet customers, just in case you need some more convincing.

Promising Target reviews:

“This is the second set of Casaluna linen sheets I’ve purchased, and probably won’t be the last. They are somehow warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The magic of linen! And they get softer with every wash. You won’t regret buying these!” — Happy customer

“I have more ‘upscale’ linen sheets from a brand that starts with a ‘P’ and ends with a ‘chute.’ These are not as soft out of the package but I found them comfortable to use without washing first. They did produce a lot of lint on the first wash BUT unlike the ‘P’ brand these came out of the dryer pleasantly rumpled; not tangled into an impossibly wrinkled mess. As far as durability goes, I’ll revise this if I get any big surprises but for the price I am totally ok with these lasting a year. Think about it. If you wore the same shirt every day for a year what would you expect it to look like at the end? Even if you alternated two shirts daily would you expect them to be looking brand new? Would you expect to wear the same two shirts (no matter how much you paid for them) on alternating days and expect them to last decades? Not sure why we expect this of sheets. These seem like fine quality at a great price and I’m gonna buy some more of them.” — ktp

“I always had to sleep with a pile of blankets and comforters to stay warm while sleeping before I was married. Now with two bodies in the bed it gets very toasty. I’d heard cotton sheets would be good, but my husband wakes up in the night soaked with sweat. I did some research on cooling sheets and came across the suggestion of linen sheets. Most top quality brands were out of my price range, but Casaluna at Target was recommended as a budget-friendly option. I bought these with some wedding cash and we have loved them! My husband hates when I have to wash these sheets and put cotton ones on the bed. We definitely will be getting more linen sheets the next time we shop for bedding! We wash on gentle cycle in cool water with dye free/perfume free detergent. Dry on low with no fabric softeners.” — Her View From the Jeep

“If you’re wanting to give linen sheets a try, but have sticker shock at the other brands, you should start with Casaluna! I have been using our set for almost a year now and it just gets softer with every wash. I have been washing on delicate cycle in warm / lukewarm water and drying on the delicate cycle as well since I live in an apartment and don’t have room to line dry queen size sheets. I have not noticed any thinning and definitely do not have any holes anywhere. Will be purchasing a second pair so I can increase the lifespan of my sheets!” — kristi

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