Target 'Manatee Gray' Color On Plus-Size Dress Has Customers Irked (PHOTO)

Target Makes Ill-Advised Word Choice For Plus-Size Product

Target has found itself in a wee bit of trouble this week when a savvy customer stumbled across an odd discrepancy: a gray plus-size dress was listed as "Manatee Gray" while the same dress in regular sizes was called "Dark Heather Gray."


The ill-advised color name was spotted by Susan Clemens, who tweeted at Target:

To their credit, Target responded promptly and apologetically:

The "Manatee Grey" version of the Mossimo Women's Plus-Size Kimono Maxi Dress does not currently appear on

Forbes got an even clearer response from Target plus an explanation. According to Target spokesman Joshua Thomas, “Manatee Gray" is a standard color name used across Target products, plus-size and otherwise. Unfortunately there were two teams of buyers responsible for the two dresses, meaning they each chose different color names without consulting with one another.

Target managed a slightly more graceful response than Urban Outfitters, which also ran into trouble when naming the color of a garment. Back in 2010, Urban Outfitters sold a t-shirt labeled "Obama/Black." After inviting the ire of customers, the store quickly pulled the offending item and told the press, "We screwed up, and are sincerely sorry."

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