Target Has A Version Of The Nugget 'Sex Couch' That Everyone Went Nuts Over

If you know what "Nugget After Dark" means, this could be for you.

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If you have young children — or even if you are friends with someone who has young children — then odds are, you’ve heard of the Nugget. The Nugget, a couch with movable, cushioned parts, is a kid toy sensation, allowing little ones to climb, roll and play safely. It’s beloved by parents and kids alike, but it’s on the pricier side at $249, with most colors selling out instantly. There is even a pretty lucrative re-selling business for Nuggets. But there is also ... another side to the Nugget.

As a Refinery29 article explained, the love of the Nugget has eventually translated into Facebook groups full of adults dedicated to discussing the many uses of the Nugget. Some groups, called Nugget After Dark, even focus on the more adult uses of the Nugget. In other words: The Nugget kind of looks like a sex couch, and apparently some parents use it that way long after their children have gone to sleep.

Naturally, Target has a dupe for the Nugget, though the description says nothing about how, exactly, you’re supposed to use the “modular seating.” So ... feel free to get creative.

Here's what you should know.
No matter what you want to use the modular seating for, you have to admit that this floral print (and the second option, shown below) is pretty darn cute. Many reviewers note that this isn't quite as good as the real Nugget, but that it still works very well. The best part: It actually ships fast, instead of the Nugget, which takes much, much longer to arrive.

It has removable covers, too.

One thing that customers seem to love about this product is that it has removable, washable covers. One happy customer wrote, "NO this isn’t a nugget, you can see from the photos that it’s smaller. But it IS a great dupe. Got this for our 9 month old to grow with and I love it - he doesn’t care so much about it yet :) but the fact that the covers are machine washable is probably my fave feature and I just adore the pattern. If you’re looking for a nugget dupe, I honestly think it’s a good one."
It has handles for easy transport.
Some less positive reviews note that this sofa is much smaller than they anticipated, but there are some benefits to that. Many people note that it's easy to store, transfer and fit inside playpens. One person said, "I love how soft the cover is! My 4 year old loves laying on it and taking the cushions apart. That being said it was much smaller than I anticipated (but I should’ve read details and honestly I’m somewhat grateful it’s not enormous). The bottom piece isn’t actually 2 separate pieces it’s connected in the middle so they’re two cushions that fold out to make one long cushion or a standing triangle. It was really easy to assemble and didn’t take much time to puff up from being in the shrink wrapping. Overall I have a really happy kiddo and hoping for less tearing apart of my own couch cushions on the day to day."
It comes in solid colors, too.
Check out coral gala (seen here), blue and gray.

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