Target Photoshop Fail: Sale Ad Contains Major Mistake (PHOTO) [UPDATE]

PHOTO: Can You Spot The Photoshop Flub?

Don't you hate when random limbs start sprouting up on your upper body? Us, too!

That's how this model must have felt in this recently dug-up Target ad, which features a happy-looking family wearing some lovely fleece tops and track pants (you know you want some).

Everything seems to be going fine in the fictitious lives of this cozy family, but there's a little something extra in the picture... and it's touching the mom's hair.

That's right, the "dad" is getting extra handsy, seeing as no one at Target proofed the number of limbs on its models before approving the ad. Whoops.

Then again, at least they didn't simply Photoshop their limbs out... better too many hands than too few, right?

UPDATE 6:15 p.m.:
The featured ad is from Target Australia, which has no affiliation with the company's U.S. stores, according to a Target representative.


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