The Coolest School Supplies At Target

These are the basics — that aren’t basic — that your student needs to crush it in class.
Notebooks, backpacks, and cool pencil pouches from Target.
Notebooks, backpacks, and cool pencil pouches from Target.

School-supply shopping is the most exciting part of getting ready for school. The reality of summer ending is a little less harsh when you have a (new!) backpack full of fresh notebooks, binders and pencils.

The supplies that kids bring to class are also subtle ways to show their personality. Even though students have to follow a lot of rules, they still get to decide what colors they want their number two pencils and erasers to be. To that end, everything on this list is packed with personality, from the pencil case to the lunch bag. It’s the upgraded version of a standard back-to-school shopping list.

Your kids will still end up with everything they need — just cooler versions of the standard scholarly goods. With supplies this fun, they’ll feel confident going into the first day of school.

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An inspiring spiral-bound notebook
School notebooks get used every single day, so let your child pick some out that they actually like looking at. This desert landscape notebook is way cooler than one with a solid color, and it’s college-lined, so their teacher will approve.
A joy-sparking lunch tote
This fully insulated lunch tote is sure to spark a smile in any little learner. It measures 8 by 10 inches to accommodates a variety of snacks and peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. Now the big question: What’s on the menu?
An actually-pretty three-ring binder
Even if your kid doesn’t want to go all-out Trapper Keeper, they probably still need some three-ring binders. This mint green one is simple without being boring.
An avocado pencil pounch
At most schools, a student can’t have their backpack with them in class, which is why a pencil pouch is a must. It’s also a low-key way to show some personality. This smiling avocado gives off total friendly vibes.
Neon-hued #2 pencils
Having to raise your hand on the first day of class and saying you don’t have a pencil is not a good look. The 18 writing tools in this pack should get your child through the first quarter with flying colors (pun intended). Plus, Ticonderoga pencils were one of the most-recommended pencils in our roundup of teacher-requested classroom goods.
Magnetic mesh locker mirror
No one wants to head to English class with food in their teeth. A quick glance in a magnetized mirror can prevent embarrassing moments like this, and this one will double as chic locker decor.
A timeless brass ruler
There’s something classy (no pun intended) about a brass ruler, which is both stylish and durable. With this in their desk, they’ll at least be able to say one thing about school rules.
Colorful, sturdy folders
One way to stay organized is to have a dedicated folder for each class or subject. This pack contains six different bright colors, making it easy to identify the correct folder at a glance.
A too-cool-for-school backpack
Picking out what backpack to use the entire school year is a big deal. It’s an accessory that your kid will wear every day, so it should say something about their personality, but it also needs to be functional and durable. State makes highly-recommend and seriously cool youth backpacks that any kiddo will be excited to carry.

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