Tarra Kopp, Ohio Girl Scout Troop Manager, Allegedly Steals More Than $10,000 In Cookie Money

Cookie Monster: Girl Scout Volunteer Allegedly Steals $10,000

Talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

Tarra Kopp, a cookie sale manager for a Toledo, Ohio, Girl Scouts troop allegedly failed to hand over more than $10,000 raised by a recent cookie drive. Western Ohio Girl Scouts management told WTOL that the 32-year-old volunteer refused to turn in the cookie "dough" despite repeated requests by the organization.

Police said they found that Kopp had written checks and made cash withdrawals from the troop's bank account for a total of $11,986 over a four-month period. The woman now faces charges of grand theft.

Perhaps surprisingly, there has been a rash of Girl Scout cookie-related incidents in recent months.

In March, two Oregon Girl Scout troops were duped after an order for 6,000 boxes of cookies -- totaling about $24,000 -- turned out to be a hoax. Fortunately, community members intervened and bought up about half of the cookies, ABC News reported at the time.

Earlier that month, vandals who broke into the Monroe, Wash., home of a Girl Scout "cookie mom" reportedly trashed $2,500 worth of cookies.

In February, a video allegedly showing about 13,000 boxes of girl scout cookies getting trashed by a bulldozer caused an outrage. The cookies were reportedly leftovers that were within their shelf lives and could have been donated.

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