Michele Bachmann Congressional Challenger Tarryl Clark Finishes Strong Fundraising Quarter With $2 Million In The Bank

Democrat Tarryl Clark, who is running to unseat Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and capture Minnesota's 6th district House seat, is raising loads of cash for her campaign to oust the Tea Party darling from congress in November.

During the second quarter of this year, Clark took in $910,000, bringing her fundraising total for the entire campaign beyond the $2 million mark.

"We've built an unprecedented grassroots campaign that now includes over 24,000 individual donors," said Clark campaign manager Zach Rodvold, the Minnesota Post reports. "They know that Tarryl Clark will stand up for their interests, not the special interests, and they know what's at stake in this election. That's why they've helped us build a campaign that is positioned to win in November."

Fundraising e-mails blasted to Clark supporters in recent weeks have hammered Bachmann on a host of issues. "Something is brewing in the 6th Congressional District and it's not tea," noted one message asking for campaign cash. "Maybe they are inspired because they know that Tarryl's candidacy gives us the best opportunity to defeat BP apologist Michele Bachmann."

Meanwhile, Bachmann released her own Q2 fundraising totals on Wednesday and the numbers were extremely high. The Tea Party favorite reported a cash haul of $1.7 million, a figure up significantly from the $800,000 she brought in last quarter.

It appears that Clark's camp expected the news of Bachmann's fundraising success as the Democratic hopeful preemptively fired off an attack e-mail over the matter earlier this week:

This was also the quarter where my opponent, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann brought in her good friend Sarah Palin to hold a big-ticket fundraiser to fill her campaign coffers. In fact, she is building her campaign on these kinds of big-ticket events across the country - like the $500 per plate dinner she recently held in Texas.