Taryn Manning Sues New York City For $10 Million For 'False Arrest'

The "Orange is the New Black" star was arrested for reportedly threatening to kill the woman who stalked her.
Actress Taryn Manning clams she was falsely arrested in 2014 and is suing New York City for $10 million.
Actress Taryn Manning clams she was falsely arrested in 2014 and is suing New York City for $10 million.
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Taryn Manning, known recently for her role as Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett on "Orange is the New Black," is suing New York City for $10 million, claiming she was falsely arrested for criminal threats in 2014, according to Page Six.

In a petition filed against NYC (obtained by People), the actress alleges that she never should've been arrested by the New York City Police Department after she was accused of threatening Jeanine Heller -- her reported ex-girlfriend and stalker -- who she obtained a restraining order against.

After Manning's arrest, the New York District Attorney's office declined to press charges against the actress, which the NYPD was aware of, but they arrested her anyway.

"Ms. Manning should never have been arrested [when] the New York City Police Department received advance notice from the New York County District Attorney's Office that Ms. Manning would not be prosecuted based on an allegation of the subject complainant," Manning's attorney James Franzetti said in a statement obtained by The Huffington Post. "It was also astonishing that the NYPD acted on an allegation of a complainant with a glaring prosecutorial (two prior arrests, charges including stalking and harassing Ms. Manning) and plea history."

Franzetti also added that the petition "is the first step in a claim for damages arising out of the patently false November 18, 2014 arrest."

"Substantively, the petition concerns the acquired, actual knowledge of the City of New York of the essential, foundational facts which serve as the basis for Ms. Manning’s claims and causes of action for false arrest, civil rights and additional statutory violations," the statement continues.

Heller, who's at the center of Manning's lawsuit, was arrested multiple times for harassing the star and last summer, was sentenced to six months in jail after violating a conditional discharge by texting Manning multiple times.

Meanwhile, Manning was recently accused of attacking friend and makeup artist Holly Hartman. According to a TMZ report, Manning dared Hartman to stab her, though the actress' counsel denied the allegations.

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