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Taschen's Shows Off The Best of Mid-Century Advertisements


For those of you who can't wait for the next episode to see Don Draper's oozing slickness on "Mad Men" any longer, Taschen has unveiled a book that is sure to satisfy your cravings for the subliminal world of post-WWII advertising.

In "Mid-Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era." Taschen gives us an in-depth look into an era of advertising that was run by and for men (white, straight men, that is).

Chemstrand, 1959, courtesy TASCHEN

In the post-war economic boom, advertisers were slinging everything from girdles to guns as consumers bought into the American dream with new vigor. As the threat of the Cold War stoked nationalist pride, capitalism was there to assure us that we should buy, buy, buy! The team at Taschen has digitally remastered the images in "Mid-Century Ads" to really bring out the bright colors and crisp fonts from that wondrous time for the ad men of yesteryear.

If you're a graphic design nerd, a marketing guru looking for a coffee table book or just a lover of pop Americana, trust us, you want this for your collection. Check out some of the ads appearing in the book below.

What do you think readers? Does this fill that "Mad Men" void in your heart for the week or is this kitsch just too much? Let us know in the comments section.

Mid-Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era.

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