TASER DEATH: Cookie Theft Leads To Killing Of Australian Suspect (VIDEO)

Cops Tasered and killed an Australian resident on Sunday over what may have been a stolen packet of cookies.

The unidentified victim apparently went into a Sydney convenience store at about 5:30 a.m. asking for help because he thought someone was trying to kill him, the Daily Telegraph reported. The store clerk allegedly refused to help him, so he fled -- grabbing a packet of cookies on his way out.

Cops gave chase and Tasered him after pepper spray didn't work, according to AAP.

Witnesses said the man screamed "help me" as the officers held him down. He stopped breathing after being shocked and died on the scene.

Surveillance footage obtained by the paper shows at least five officers slamming the suspect into a store window before one of them fires what appears to be a Taser at him.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday that cops used a Taser three times on the shirtless suspect in the "10-minute walk" from the convenience store to the camera that captured the incident.

Cops maintained that the victim kept getting back up and fending off the police, which led them to believe that he had a weapon.