Tata Mandela

He was the reason why I first went to South Africa and he was the reason why I never left. He reminded us everyday what it meant to be human. He embodied a spirit that fueled the good in people. He was not a perfect man by any means and that's what drew us in even more -- he was real and he fought for what was right and just. He reminded us all that Freedom was an ideal worth dying for.

When Tata closed his eyes and dreamed of a better South Africa I think it looked like the Ubuntu Centre -- A place where children born into poverty are granted the same dignity as those born into privilege. Today, we lost one of the world's greatest sons and South Africa's greatest treasure. But now is not a time to mourn his passing but a time to reflect on all he taught us; a time to celebrate that he did indeed live and that we had a chance to know him.

And now it is our turn to continue his walk...

Rest in Peace Madiba. You will never be forgotten.