Mississippi Governor Pranked Into Reading NSFW Name During Ceremony For Grads

A ceremony honoring students caused snickers when Gov. Tate Reeves was duped into reading a hilariously fake name.

A classic high school prank got a makeover for the coronavirus era when Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) read a fake name during a virtual ceremony honoring graduating seniors.   

Footage shows Reeves reading some of the names, including one “Harry Azcrac.”

Prankster Thomas DeMartini claimed responsibility and posted a clip of the moment, which happens at about 30 seconds in: 

The governor paused for a moment after reading the name, likely realizing what had just happened.

As far as prank names go, at least it wasn’t this one.

Reeves has spent hours over the past week reading the names of seniors who’ve missed out on a traditional graduation due to the pandemic. 

“Our 2020 graduates have worked hard for years and accomplished great things. They deserve every minute of celebration and to be recognized for their achievements,” he wrote on Twitter. “I want to do what I can to brighten their day and help them celebrate.” 

Reeves even offered a tip of the graduation cap to the prankster, along with another classic fake name he could honor:

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