Tater Tot Recipes That Make Potatoes Proud (PHOTOS)

Get ready to see more tater tots than you could ever have hoped for.

Of all the great ways you can cook a potato -- mashed, fried, hashbrowned -- there's no better fate for our beloved spud than a tater tot. Tater tots might have been the result of Ore-Ida's abundant potato scrap problem, but that doesn't diminish their position in our hearts (and appetites).

Tater tots have a cultish fan base and it's not hard to understand why -- they're a special kind of potato. There's something great that happens when you shape grated potatoes into a perfectly compact, small cylindrical shape and fry them to a deep golden-brown color. They become light and airy, crisp and hearty, all at the same time. And, they're damn good, too.

You can never go wrong with a basic plate of tater tots -- no frills, just golden potato. But when you do decide to do more with tots, you get magical creations like totchos. Check out the 21 best things you should be doing with tater tots -- besides just eating them straight up, of course.

Tatertot Hotdish
The House of Brinson
Get the Tatertot Hotdish recipe by The House of Brinson

Hotdish, a proud creation of the midwest, is a type of casserole traditionally made with canned cream soup. This iteration of it is a mix of chili, corn and black beans topped with a gorgeous crown of cheese and tater tots. This dish can't be stopped.
Loaded Baked Tater Tot Dip
Averie Cooks
Get the Loaded Baked Tater Tot Dip recipe by Averie Cooks
Tater Tots With Dijon Gravy
Climbing Grier Mountain
Get the Tater Tots with Dijon Gravy recipe by Climbing Grier Mountain
Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots
Recipe Girl
Get the Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots recipe by Recipe Girl
Tater Tot Breakfast Nachos
I Am A Food Blog
Get the Tater Tot Breakfast Nachos recipe by I Am A Food Blog
Tater Tot And Bratwurst Casserole
I Wash You Dry
Bacon Jalapeño Poppers With A Cheesy Tater Tot Crust
The Hopeless Housewife
Beefy Tater Tot Casserole
Southern Bite
Get the Beefy Tater Tot Casserole recipe by Southern Bite
Totchos Salad
Get the Totchos Salad recipe by Macheesmo
Totchos Supreme
Foodie with Family
Get the Totchos Supreme recipe by Foodie with Family
Tater Tots Breakfast Casserole
Voodoo And Sauce
Get the Tater Tots Breakfast Casserole recipe by Voodoo And Sauce
Indian Tater Tots
Cooking With Siri
Get the Indian Tater Tots recipe by Cooking With Siri
Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole
Buns In My Oven
Get the Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole recipe by Buns In My Oven
The Little Kitchen
Get the Totchos recipe by The Little Kitchen
Fully Loaded Tater Tots
Food, Family & Finds
Get the Fully Loaded Tater Tots recipe by Food, Family & Finds
Turkey Tater Tot Casserole
Simply Being Mommy
Get the Turkey Tater Tot Casserole recipe by Simply Being Mommy
Ranch Tater Tot Casserole
A Zesty Bite
Get the Ranch Tater Tot Casserole recipe by A Zesty Bite
Taco Tater Tots Casserole
Cully's Kitchen
Get the Taco Tater Tots Casserole recipe by Cully's Kitchen
Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole
Novice Housewife
Get the Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole recipe by Novice Housewife
Grilled BBQ Tater Tot Pizza
That Was Vegan?
Get the Grilled BBQ Tater Tot Pizza recipe by That Was Vegan?
Bacon-Ranch Tater Tots
Tracey's Culinary Adventure
Get the Bacon-Ranch Tater Tots recipe by Tracey's Culinary Adventure

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