Tattoo A Banana: Phil Hansen, Artist, Recreates Masterpieces With Banana Canvases

How To Tattoo Fruit

For one rather inventive artist, bananas represent the perfect canvas on which to recreate some of the world's most iconic paintings.

Armed with a push-pin and a banana, multimedia artist Phil Hansen has produced a number of eye-catching creations using a method similar to "pointillism."

Hansen uses the pin to make a series of small punctures in the banana's skin. As the fruit naturally turns brown in those areas, the image appears.

Using this technique, the artist makes uncanny replicas of famous works from Vincent Van Gogh, Andro Botticelli, and even Michelangelo's "The Creation Of Adam," which adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

And for those inspired to make their own banana art, Hansen provides a demonstration in the form of a YouTube video.

More unusual artforms worth checking out include Chan Hwee Chong's one line Mona Lisa painting and Allison Cortson's dust paintings.

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