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Tavi Gevinson Fills In Two Fashionably Late 'Early Show' Anchors (VIDEO)

Today, CBS's "Early Show" introduced us to a brand new fashion-blogging sensation, Tavi!

OK, so maybe CBS is a bit late on the uptake when it comes to Tavi and her celebrity status circa 2009. Better late than never?

Tavi Gevinson, who took the online fashion community by storm at age 13 with her blog Style Rookie, sat down with two fashionably late news anchors to fill them in on her success in the fashion world.

Tavi, now 15, blushed when talking about her fame (Lady Gaga deemed her the "future of journalism") yet got candid on the subject of teens and sex, mentioning the movie "Mean Girls" as a point of reference (she does represent a completely new generation, after all).

The high school sophomore also talked about her new site, Rookie, an online mag that encompasses the full spectrum of unique teen experiences. One of those unique teen standbys, ironically, is piles of homework, which have caused Tavi to employ a few middle-aged "ghost writers" for Rookie so she can focus on her day job, i.e. school.

But she's still the teen guru, doling out advice that includes being thoughtful and questioning everything you're taught as a teenager. To which the news anchor responded, "Just don't ever question your parents." Sure, that's just what she meant.