10 Years After Katrina, A Tribute to New Orleans With Dee Dee Bridgewater and Kataalyst Alcindor

On Monday night, join me as we pay tribute to the great city of New Orleans with multiple Grammy award-winning vocalist, Dee Dee Bridgewater and three-time National Poetry Slam Champion, Kataalyst Alcindor. Dee Dee's latest album, Dee Dee's Feathers, is a powerful ode to the people and culture of "The Big Easy."

Despite the tremendous losses suffered during those terrifying days and nights in August ten years ago, we pause to remember those who were lost... celebrate those who survived... and praise those who call New Orleans home.

In the clip below, Kataalyst performs part of his powerful poem, "Greater Than Hurricanes," and Dee Dee performs "New Orleans" with Irvin Mayfield and the Thelonious Monk Jazz Performance Ensemble.

For more of our conversation, be sure to tune in to Tavis Smiley on PBS. Check our website for your local TV listings: www.pbs.org/tavis.

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