Tavis Smiley: Killer Mike on Why Blacks Should Stop Forgiving and Start Demanding Action

Tonight, I'm joined by Michael Render, a.k.a. "Killer Mike." The prolific rapper and influential activist is one half of the popular Hip-Hop duo, Run the Jewels, whose critically acclaimed album, Run the Jewels 2, was hailed by Rolling Stone as the "best rap album of 2014." Known for his ability to use his music to not only entertain, but as a tool of protest, he joins us in the wake of the Charleston massacre to discuss what ails our society, and how we can go about fixing it.

In the clip below, Mike shares his thoughts on the cost of forgiveness. In particular, he explains why African-Americans, following the historical examples of the Jewish and Japanese communities, should not absolve those who have wronged them of responsibility and blame.

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