Tavis Smiley Reportedly Quits Radio Show Over Obama Hate

Update: Tavis Smiley has posted a statement on Huffington Post regarding his decision to leave the "Tom Joyner Morning Show." The statement reveals that he did not quit effective immediately and will, as mentioned below, more fully address the situation on Tuesday morning. Read the statement here.

Original Post: Richard Prince reports that Tavis Smiley is leaving the "Tom Joyner Morning Show":

"He called me yesterday and said, 'I quit,'" Joyner said.

Joyner said Smiley told him he was working on too many projects, but believed the real reason was that "he can't take the hate.

"He can't take the hate he's taken over Barack Obama. He's always busting Barack Obama's chops. They call. They e-mail. They joke. You know Tavis like I do. He needs to feel loved"...

Smiley had been critical of Obama for not attending Smiley's annual "State of the Black Union" symposium on Feb. 23. Of the presidential candidates, only Sen. Hillary Clinton accepted the invitation. Obama said he would send his wife, Michelle, but Smiley insisted that was not good enough.

"I'm catching hell," Smiley acknowledged in an interview then with Michael H. Cottman of

Tavis acknowledged the situation on his website and told readers that he will address the situation on Tuesday:

Friends and Supporters:

By now, you may have heard of my departure from the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

I am traveling today and am not available to respond directly. I will address what you heard on the Tom Joyner Morning Show next Tuesday at 8:25 AM EST, during my normal commentary on the show.

Warmest Regards,


Read the rest of the article here, or read Smiley's HuffPost blogs here.