Tax Day Spoiler: You Are the 1 Percent

So no matter what your situation is this tax season, get on the gratitude train. The last stop on the line is never ending abundance!
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In the United States, tax day can trigger a variety of emotions. Some people experience anxiety about whether they have all of their ducks in a row, obsessing over whether they correctly itemized their deductions. Others experience feelings of anger towards the system if they are among those who owe money to the government.

And during this election cycle, where income inequality is such a hot button, we can also feel deep seated feelings of jealousy directed towards those who we believe are doing better than we are. It's common to hear people complain about the evil "1 percent", who control 43 percent of our nation's wealth. One of the common protests from Americans is that the economy is "rigged."

While I can't argue that our system is flawed, I would also offer a reminder that the first step in reclaiming your power and creating the life that you want is to look for a different meaning in life's challenges.

Is it possible for you to find gratitude for that check that you are writing to the IRS? You might not be able to afford to live like Donald Trump (and I hope you wouldn't want to), but what if I told you that in fact, you are ALSO part of the 1 percent?

According to the UN, roughly half of the world's population is living off of less than $2 per day, meaning that the cutoff for top 1 percent of global salaries checks in at $32,400.

Congratulations! You are wealthier than you ever imagined!

Does this mean that we shouldn't strive for progressive change and create an environment that levels the playing field for all Americans? Of course not. We undoubtedly have work to do, especially when it comes to giving women equal pay for equal work.

But while first step to change is seeing things as they are. The second step is to not see things as worse than they are.

By shifting yourself from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, you are taking a powerful first step to changing your life.

If you can afford to write that check to the IRS, it means that you are employed and able to pay for the necessities. If you are getting a refund, you have money coming back that you can put away for the future. In either case, that is a blessing from a Universe that is always providing you what you need. Rather than focusing on an economy that is "rigged against you," can you believe that the Universe is rigged in your favor? What if living in gratitude was the first step in tapping into a greater power than our political system?

Once you make that shift, you can begin to move onto to step 3, which is to picture things better than they are. Create your vision for the future. Be specific and ask the universe for exactly what you want.

From there, it's onto step 4, which is making that vision a reality. You need to take one small action step everyday towards accomplishing your goals. Don't get caught up in the game of "I can start next month." A vision without a plan is nothing more than a daydream.

Remember that JK Rowling once lived off of welfare before creating the Harry Potter franchise. Howard Schultz grew up in the Brooklyn projects before leading Starbucks.

Your biography is not your destiny.

So no matter what your situation is this tax season, get on the gratitude train. The last stop on the line is never ending abundance!

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