Tax Protester Leaves Ridiculous Note Instead Of Tip; Waiter Would Have Preferred Cash (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Presenting The World's Worst Excuse For Not Tipping

Now presenting, the world's worst excuse for not tipping.

This week, Redditor nickshambo posted a picture of the note he said a customer left his friend instead of a tip. Printed on paper and clearly pre-planned, the note claims that President Obama's tax rates have made him unable to tip, or something:

As a direct result of Proposition 30 and President Obama's insistence that I pay "MY FAIR SHARE IN TAXES" I find that I must cut back on discretionary spending and gratuities. I wish it didn't have to be this way for both of us.


It is unclear whether the post originated on Reddit, or was from author Michael Kindt, who posted the same picture on his blog this week.

Gawker points out that the poster and note-leaver is probably from California, due to its reference of Proposition 30, the name of a California ballot measure that will raise income taxes on upper-tax brackets while also temporarily increasing sales tax to fund K-12 schools, community colleges and state universities.

Either way, it's not really the waiter's problem, but the lack of a tip certainly is. Things like this have happened before though. Perhaps you remember the receipt for a $138.35 meal, in which the customer simply wrote "single mom sorry" along the tip line (that was also posted to Reddit, last November).

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