Taxi Driver Accused Of Bank Robbery Caught Escaping In Own Cab

A Florida cab driver accused of bank robbery was driven straight to jail after being arrested while using his taxi as a getaway car.

Clearwater police said Clinton Archer Wells, 31, robbed a Wells Fargo bank Tuesday afternoon while wearing black fabric over his head, according to

Investigators said Wells told employees he was carrying a gun. After getting an undisclosed amount of cash, Wells escaped in the cab he drives for a living, according to

Officers spotted the taxi within seven minutes and Wells was in custody two minutes after that, TBNWeekly reports,

Wells was charged with two counts of armed bank robbery: One for the Wells Fargo and the other for an Aug. 7 holdup at US AmeriBank, reports.

Wells was also charged with robbery with an implied weapon.

Police also believe Wells was involved in other robberies and are investigating.

Wells was facing $300,000 bail but is no longer listed in the Pinellas County Jail database. 



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