Taxi Share Program To Start This Week

New York City is set to roll out a new taxi-sharing program beginning this Friday.

Some cabs will begin operating like city buses, following set routes around town.

Rides will cost $3-$4 per person.

The taxis will only be making group stops between the hours of 6 am and 10 am to help ease rush hour traffic and transportation costs for New Yorkers.

The cabs will leave from the following locations:

- W. 57th St. and Eighth Ave. with dropoffs allowed on Park Ave. between 57th St. until 42nd St.

- W.72nd St. and Columbus Ave. with dropoffs on Park Ave. from 72nd St. to 42nd St.

- E. 72nd St. and Third Ave. with dropoffs on Park Avenue from 72nd St. to 42nd St.

The cabs will be specially-marked with a sign.