With Taye Diggs' 'Books On Taye,' Parents Finally Get Some Me Time

The soothing voice of Taye Diggs is here for you.

Are you a parent who has no time for yourself? Are you so busy with children that the word “self” has lost all meaning? Does your only respite come when you’re unable to recognize yourself in the mirror, embracing the sweet solace of no longer feeling bound to your physical body?

Well, then “Books On Taye” is the thing for you! 

Early childhood education advocate Taye Diggs stars in the latest episode of HuffPost’s series, “/"}}">Celebs Have Issues,” where famous people use comedy to raise awareness about important issues.

Taye Diggs, in partnership with the National Head Start Association, is an advocate for early childhood literacy for low-income families. Head Start allows children living in poverty, from birth to age 5, to get on the same education level as their peers, preparing them for kindergarten and future success.

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