Taye Diggs Campaigns Against Hunger In Kellogg's #ShareBreakfast Initiative (VIDEO)

WATCH: Taye Diggs' Latest Role

'Tis the season to give and actor Taye Diggs is lending his voice to an ongoing cause -- child hunger. The "Private Practice" actor appears in a new one-minute PSA for Kellogg's third annual "Share Breakfast" campaign. Kellogg's and Diggs have partnered with Action for Healthy Kids, a nonprofit organization that aims to share more than one million breakfasts with kids across the country who might otherwise go without.

It isn't the first time Diggs has spoken out for the cause. Last year, the celebrity dad joined Ana Ortiz and Matt Damon for Feeding America's "Hunger Is A Real Story" campaign. It depicted the stories of three average Americans and the unique circumstances that leave them without enough food.

Food insecurity was also the cause du jour for Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker, when we he appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" and fired back at critics of his food stamp challenge last Friday.

"For many Americans who are working even, this is the difference between going deep into food insecurity, not being able to provide for their families, and having a bridge to stability," Booker told Morgan in defense of his efforts to live on $30 worth of food stamps for one week.

The challenge ensued after a spat between Booker and members of Twitter who debated whether it is the government's responsibility to provide food.

Earlier this year, rapper 50 Cent also voiced his concern about food insecurity, a problem that is said to affect more than 14.9 percent of Americans. He launched a partnership with the United Nations to provide one meal for every bottle of his Street King energy drink sold.

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