Taylor Armstrong Speaks Out About Shocking Photos Of Physical Abuse On 'Entertainment Tonight'

Taylor Armstrong Speaks Out About Abusive Marriage

In the weeks after "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong's husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide, new information about their relationship, and evidence of physical and verbal abuse continue to emerge.

In July, Taylor first confessed that the couple's recent split had been prompted by on-going violence she suffered at the hands of her husband.

Now, a month after Russell hanged himself, Taylor is speaking out about the abuse. In an exclusive interview with "Entertainment Tonight" airing September 20, the 40-year-old sat down to discuss disturbing photos of her in a hospital bed, with a badly bruised right eye that required surgery.

The reality star tells "ET" that her black eye was given to her by her late husband, according to a preview of the interview on the show's website.

"ET" reports that source close to Taylor, told the show the reality star underwent Lasik eye surgery in early July and claims that just days later Russell hit his wife in the face with such force that her corneal flap was dislocated. According to "ET" while Taylor had a friend document the evidence of violence, she never reported the abuse because her husband was at the hospital with her, and instead told doctors her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy, kicked her in the face.

According to RadarOnline the "ET" investigation also goes into detail about Russell's violent history with women: the two separate restraining orders filed against him by his ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend, in addition to having pled guilty to battery in 1997 for beating his first wife Barbara Armstrong while she was six months pregnant.

See the shocking photos of Taylor Armstrong after the alleged abuse.

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