Chance The Rapper's Younger Brother Comes Out As Bisexual

Welcome to the family, Taylor!

Chance the Rapper’s younger brother Taylor Benntt came out of the closet as bisexual on Twitter Tuesday.

The Chicago-born MC reportedly decided to share the news on the eve of his 21st birthday.

Following his coming out, Bennett received an outpouring of support and positive reactions from fans on Twitter.

Bennett is one of a growing pool of men in the hip hop world who are challenging traditional ideals of masculinity by living authentically. Rapper Young Thug made waves in 2016 by first wearing a dress on the cover of his new album, and later told the world that he wants people to “stop believing in gender.”

We’re grateful for people like Bennett who are embodying their truth and hope to see more men of color in the entertainment industry living openly and visibly in the future.

Congrats, Taylor! Welcome to the family.