Taylor Hendrix, 6-Year-Old Tennessee Boy, Saves Family From House Fire (VIDEO)

He may only be six years old, but Taylor Hendrix knew exactly what to do when a fire erupted at his grandparents' home, WMCTV reports.

The Tennessee boy was up late playing X-Box when, at 4 a.m., he noticed that flames were coming down from the attic and into the rest of the house where his grandparents and five of their grandchildren were staying, the news outlet reports. Taylor woke up his family and got them out of the house in time, and though everything was destroyed, they are grateful to the young hero who saved their lives, according to WMCTV.

"Thank God he was up. He's my little hero. That's my tater-bug," Hendrix’s grandmother told WMCTV.

While Taylor may be pretty young to be saving lives, another boy -- even younger than he -- managed to also play the role of superhero when his house was on fire.

When 5-year-old Matthew Hansen woke up in the middle night unable to see because smoke was getting in his eyes from the house fire, he called out for his mom who was able to usher the whole family out of the burning residence before anyone got injured, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

The fire started when the stove shorted itself and turned on the burners, which set fire to the cupcakes that the family had baked earlier in the night and left on top of the oven.



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