Taylor Hicks Talks Marijuana: Does Snoop Dogg Or Willie Nelson Smoke More? (VIDEO)

The soulful Taylor Hicks is best known for his "American Idol" win in 2006, but two of the biggest musicians he's worked with -- Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson -- are perhaps best known for their affinity for marijuana.

When Hicks stopped by the HuffPost Live studio July 18, host Mike Sacks asked him a question for the ages: Who smokes more pot, Snoop or Willie?

"I think they're neck and neck, actually," Hicks said with a grin. "It depends on which one of them is touring and which one is not."

But has Hicks actually blazed up alongside one of the pot aficionados? He said he did spend some time backstage with Snoop following a performance in which Hicks added some blues harmonica to the rap classic "Gin and Juice." On the question of whether the pair enjoyed any "backstage inhaling antics," Hicks took the euphemistic approach.

"We played PlayStation a lot," Hicks said with a knowing raise of the eyebrows.

Hicks isn't Snoop's only unexpected herb buddy. Legendary songwriter Diane Warren told HuffPost Live in June that she and the rapper got "so high" and ordered pizzas together.

Catch the full interview with Taylor Hicks at HuffPost Live HERE.



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