Taylor Momsen 'I Quit Acting'; 'Gossip Girl' Star Says She Is Finished Acting

Taylor Momsen: 'I Quit Acting' Forever

Some people would be bothered if they were no longer a part of a very popular television series.

But Taylor Momsen is not one of them.

After leaving "Gossip Girl" in May Momsen has been having a lot of fun while touring with her band, The Pretty Reckless, and she doesn't seem to be looking back.

Backstage after her set at Tokyo's Summer Sonic music festival, the 18-year-old told Elle that she "quit acting" forever.

The actress/model/singer has been spending some time in the studio but is unsure if it's going to turn into something concrete.

"So whether it's a new album or, I don't know exactly, we just write the songs and record them and everyone else decides what to do with them!"

She also talked about more familiar topics like wearing lots of black eye shadow and stripper boots.

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