Taylor Phelan Unveils New Solo Work - Debut of “Settle Down"

You would not peg Taylor Phelan as having come to national attention from a TV singing competition.  His music is decidedly not bubblegum pop music belted out Broadway style. An alt-rock / electronic / roots hybrid, his unique sound is the perfect complement to his fervent vocals. Taylor’s songs are thought provoking, complex constructions that flourish as they progress.  None more so than his first single - a plea for compassion - “Settle Down."

"I couldn't be more excited to share this first single with everyone! As we started thinking through this summer's release, ‘Settle Down’ just felt like the first single. It's so timely for where we're at right now culturally. There's so much tension in the world and for good reason. But in the middle of everyone's fear, we're forgetting that it's another person on the other side of the argument. This song is a reminder to try and see things from someone else's point of view. Humans interacting is never easy, which is why empathy is an important thing to practice.”

Phelan will road-test his material throughout the summer of 2017 - catch his dates and learn more about his upcoming release, 1 of 2 at http://www.taylorphelan.com

Your first-listen to “Settle Down” is above.

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