Taylor Swift Strips Down Crazy-Ex Persona With Acoustic 'Blank Space' Performance

Very '90s singer-songwriter.

When your brain gets a bad case of Internet fatigue, it's sometimes nice to revisit classic, guitar-strummy tunes of a simpler time; a time when Lisa Loeb and Alanis Morissette dominated the airwaves, and airwaves were still a relevant mode of transmitting music.

At a small performance at the LA Grammy Museum's Clive Davis Theater last September, contemporary pop icon Taylor Swift channeled a real '90s singer-songwriter vibe with an acoustic version of her hit song "Blank Space." All these months later, it is finally available for consumption thanks to a newly released YouTube video.

Swift prefaced her performance with an explanation of how it was inspired by false portrayals of her in the media as crazily boy-obsessed. 

"My first reaction was like, 'Man, that's a bummer. This isn't fun for me,'" she said of the coverage. "But my second reaction was like, 'Hey, that's actually a really interesting character.' So, I was like, 'I can use this!'"

For further viewing in the Taylor Swift stripped-down canon, please see her piano-and-vocals-only rendition of "Out of the Woods" from the same concert, and a duet of "White Horse" with Uzo Aduba from the 1989 Tour

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