Want To Drink Like A Famous Person This Weekend? Taylor Swift Does It Like A Princess.

Happy Friday! Welcome to Drink Like A Famous Person, where we let you bring out your fabulous side in the name of some well-earned R&R. Eschew your regular habits this weekend by drinking like...

Taylor Swift!

We've chosen this starry-eyed songstress especially in honor of Valentine's Day because, as you very well know, T-Swifty is totally in love with love.

Indeed, during the last ten years, she's either dated or somehow allegedly been involved with around 25 different famous and non-famous men. And yet, as her many breakup ballads attest, the poor girl has been pretty unlucky in the love department. She even hosted what she called a "pathetic single girls party" in 2012 -- but not because being single is pathetic. She thinks it's "awesome."

Anyway, how does one drink like the great romantic of our time, Taylor Swift?

"If it doesn't taste like candy and sparkles, I usually don't drink it," she said in a 2012 Esquire interview. Or else wine, "because it makes me feel classy."

And so we give you the Cotton Candy Cocktail. You'll need to loosely fill a lowball glass with cotton candy, then pour one ounce of marshmallow vodka over top. The candy will melt, you'll fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water, add a couple ice cubes and ta-da! Enjoy your sugar rush.




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