Taylor Swift Released Her 10-Minute 'All Too Well' And Fans Are Emotionally Wrecked

Also, has anyone seen Jake Gyllenhaal today?

Taylor Swift has released a 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” and casual fans and diehard Swifties alike are struggling to contain themselves.

The song was released as the final track on “Red (Taylor’s Version),” a rerecording of her 2012 album that’s part of her ongoing effort to reclaim ownership of her back catalogue. The 10-minute “All Too Well” ― which clocks in at about double the length of the original version ― was one of the most hotly anticipated tracks. Swift had previously alluded to the song’s original longer length, which sent fans clamoring to hear that version.

The ballad, with its poignant and very specific lyrics, has long been a favorite of critics and fans. It’s (almost certainly) about the pop icon’s short-lived relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal and the pair’s trip to his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s, house.

By the looks of things, the longer version did not disappoint.

Many people were excited and/or emotionally overwhelmed.

Others focused on the new lyrics, and, specifically, the reference to a “fuck the patriarchy” keychain. (Gawker has convincingly called into question whether people used this phrase back when Swift said she wrote the song, but we’ll let it slide for now.)

And others were focused on Jake Gyllenhaal’s current emotional state, with a mixture of ire and, possibly, genuine concern.

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