Taylor Swift And The History Of Calling Women 'Crazy'

Taylor Swift knows you think she’s one “crazy bitch.” In the country-turned-pop singer’s video for “Blank Space,” which leaked Monday, Swift goes full-on scorned woman in a parody of public opinion on her love life. We open with Taylor delicately lounging in bed with her cat, before she begins yet another too-perfect courtship with a too-perfect white guy, only to see it go up in flames. She stabs a picture. She drops his phone in the pool. Like Britney before her, Taylor Swift seems to say, “You say I’m crazy? I’ve got your crazy.”

Swift’s image problem started after high-profile splits from Harry Styles and Conor Kennedy. Following the release of Red, her fourth album and first bona fide pop record, reports circulated that Swift bought a $4.8 million home across the street from Conor Kennedy. A Vanity Fair profile further pulled back the curtain on Swift’s personal life. The magazine’s Nancy Jo Sales detailed the singer’s lavish apartment, with a “foyer… covered with frames of brightly colored paper flowers.” Sales continued, “Inside, you’re greeted by a six-foot topiary rabbit. There are antique birdcages everywhere and mobs of crocheted throw pillows.”

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